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    If you dig into the course seriously the materials and the exercises that are provided will last you the entire life.
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    Just adding, most of the things he talks about are mainly when he's trying to simplify things or describe feelings. He comes up with lots of analogies to help various different people related to various sensations.

    There is always an element of personal motivation and it is easy if you "think you know it" to skip over things but don't. I've had both the 1.0 and 2.0 courses (just bought a week ago) and the 2.0 course is so more structured that previous ones and I highly recommend. I've always had good pitch but in a week, dedicating 1 hour every day, I've come very far and the people in this community are absolutely gold who have experiences all the same issues.

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    It's the best investment in yourself you will ever make. If you get the course, and see a post like this, you will be one of the ones testifying to how it has grown your voice like you never thought possible. Obviously Ken is not going to pour out the contents of his course for free on YouTube. He is demonstrating with his own voice and with his students' voices how well his techniques work.

    Every day you delay getting the actual course is one more day that you have not begun the journey that will change your vocal life. I waited about a year, with the same doubts you have. I lost that year of learning time. That was in 2011, and my voice is still getting better every year.

    Ken is a really entertaining guy and people love him on YouTube for that. You will be blown away when you see how much information on how to sing is in the course, and how effective the exercises are. You won't really know for sure until you try.

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    @originalvonster Another point if you join the course make sure to take your time on volume 1 especially it's the solid foundation you need to get right prior to moving the next volume.

    Go for it's top tuition at a very reasonable price!!

    :) Vocality
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    It is the best course ever, I have been singing for years with wrong technics and took lots of vocal courses. After finding Ken’s course it made me understand everything about good technics. I dont even sing in English but it doenst matter which language you sing in, Ken’s course helps you alot. Thanke Ken
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    Hi , I've just started myself so only in Volume 1 out of 5 (each volume takes a long time, months or years to complete so I gather), so I've only got time in Volume 1 so far. Ken's lesson videos where he is explaining each new subject are really great, he makes a difficult subject like singing sort of personable and easy going to understand and put in practice, and it's pretty conversational but I think that's a positive. There's a lot of information to digest for me and I'm the type of person who likes to get something and go running full steam with it but it doesn't work in singing there's a lot of technique to learn to get a good sound, keep progressing and avoid all injury. I had a bad technique before hand (which I'm still working on doing right of course and not there yet) but doing the scales the way it's taught here removed all my hoarseness almost over night. I highly recommend the course, peace!
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    the course is much more straight forward than the YT videos. in fact, I find it very well-organized. You have instructional videos, and then "playbacks" for the daily workouts. none of them are as "unstructured" (no offense) as the YT videos, i.e. you won't need to skip to the exercise parts, like on YT. I recommend that you skip to the scales in the free videos and do a routine with them first prior to committing to the course. After a few days of the free videos, I knew exactly where the scales were (it also helps to use the preview-hover-over on the YT timeline, whenever Ken plays the guitar, you know it's on). I did the free stuff for a while and noticed great improvements, and then figured it would be a waste of time to not get the course. You will need discipline to do the daily routines, and it might be hard to incorporate them into a busy day, so you should definitely test it first. I am pretty sure you will be as convinced as I was, once you have tried it for a few weeks. I think it took me less than 3 weeks before I pulled the trigger :)
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    @originalvonster the coursework videos are that, not like Ken’s YouTube videos in the respect he will explain in more detail and guide you through as learn and apply the techniques. He does on occasion briefly mention experiences, it’s relevant to what he’s teaching and it’s important on the 1st part of the course you take your time.

    The next stage will be to apply what you have learned into audio workouts, don’t want to elaborate too much but hopefully answered you question.

    Good luck you won’t regret it if you join.


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    if it helps, I posted my routine from back then here in this thread:


    you need to scroll down a bit

    I have devised this routine myself and am not saying this is the only way to go, just so that you have an idea of what I did, maybe you will find it helpful
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    I love Ken stories in the free course. It seems he's know how struggling am i and motivated me everyday
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