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What is my current voice type?

My name is Alex Deitemeyer, I’m 23 years old and I am a drummer and metal vocalist from Lexington Kentucky. I had been doing the how to sing better than everyone else course for 4.5 years. When I first started the KTVA program (19 years old at the time) my vocal range was an A2-E5 (Mostly chest voice). I could go down to an A2 every once in a while (but not very often and only if I sang soft) but most of the time I would go as low as a B2. E5 was my highest note but I felt a lot more comfortable going up to a B4, C5 and a C#5. Anything above a C#5 was usually where I had trouble (unless if I sang Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue in which I can do a little bit better on hitting those D5’s)

After spending time on strengthening both the lower end and the higher end of my voice, and developing good open throat technique and good diaphragmatic support (within 3.5-4 years) my vocal range from normal Chest Voice to head voice is F2-C6. If I go lower than an F2, I transition into the fry and growl register (which I assume you don’t take vocal fry and growl registers into consideration when determining someone’s vocal Fach, since you are using the false vocal folds)

F2 is my lowest chest note
A4 is typically my lowest full chest belt note (Also typically my lowest full chest belt note when I first started)
F5 is typically my highest full chest belt note
B5 is my highest mixed belt note
C6 is my highest head voice note I can sing (my toughest note to hit, so I can’t sing any higher than that)

Based off of this information given, what do you think my current voice type is? Probably either a low tenor or high bari? I can also post some videos or audio clips of me singing in the comments to show you what my voice sounds like when I sing these specific notes if you need more information or want to know what type of high bari or low tenor I am (lyric, dramatic, character, etc). Just let me know.


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    I just posted a vocal cover of me Singing my own version of Breaking the Law by Judas Priest in the Vocal Demonstrations for the Bold section if you need a quick reference. The Note values i sing in my version of this song go from an G3-G5.
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    HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    Hey, Alex range is really hard to get a read where your Fach might be. A better way to determine Fach is by figuring out where you passagii lie. Doing this will give you an accurate assessment of your vocal Fach.

    Honestly though with the range that you say you have I am a little puzzled as to why you even care about Fach. With that kind of range then any song is within your grasp and needing Fach as a guide seems kind of pointless.

    Anyway hopefully that helps get your question answered. :)
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    @HuduVudu Even though I can sing the lower fifth octave notes with full chest, I do a lot better hitting those notes with mixed voice. I transition from chest to mixed voice in the lower fifth octave for the most part and I typically transition into head voice once I get up to a G5 or above. I was asking about my voice type because I want to answer honestly if someone were to ask me that question and I want to provide a really good explanation for it.

    Also I still stay in chest voice when singing the upper 4th octave notes unless if the song that I’m singing requires me to sing with head voice for an effect.
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