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Singing Style

His name is Once Mekel very famous singer in my country, i always wonder how he can sounds like that. Please make your opinion about his technique. :D


His voice sounds like floating around his mouth.
And this is me trying to sing this song, sounds ugly 😢

Listen to Risalah Hati - Monty by Fadel Muhammad on #SoundCloud


  • VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,599

    On the course we train the voice to have better, tone, range and agility. This allows us to be more accurate in replicating a style of singing. It takes time do, you’ve posted a couple of demos already and are you planning to start the course?

    If so recommend to start with put the singing songs aside, then learn the KTVA foundations of singing and once you have locked down basis, there’s a set way of learning a song line at a time.

    :) Vocality
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