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We Are the World (Collab Cover)

Rick_amateurRick_amateur Posts: 2432.0 PRO
Hi everyone!

@blondiewales @Wigs @Mysti @DogMeat @cwcw @Diego @maximgottmer @doc_ramadani @Vocality @Klaus_T @highmtn and others (Hope I didn't miss anyone who participated).

For those who knew nothing of this collab, this was a mini project I suggested and I was fortunate to get almost a dozen people participating and contributing what they can for the success of it. The song is We Are the World which was a song released in 1985 for a charity group fighting against an African famine crisis. A lot of the messages of this song is still relevant now and, as singers, we felt this was a good song to sing to not only see how far we've come but also share some positive vibes. The singers here all have varied experiences in singing but we all love music equally.

This cover took a few months to put together but we finally have something to show for it. It was a lot of fun seeing it put together and most of the credit does go to @doc_ramadani who did bulk of the work. Of course, we mustn't forget the singers who put time and effort in making this possible. I do hope that we can have similar collabs in the future with new people joining us. Anyways, below is the finished cover. Hope you enjoy!


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