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Hi my name is Willis. I bought "How to sing better than anyone else" a year ago, but struggled to get a momentum due to life situations. I am trying to get back on, but still struggle to do so. I guess I always enjoyed singing, but never had a vision of what I see myself doing with it. I am getting tired of these road blocks and not sure how to overcome them. Anyone else have any tips on this? I also struggle on how to use the Forum; i've attempted it multiple times but grew frustrated on it. I am hoping to use it to do like weekly video posts to get feedback on how i'm doing.


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    If you haven't already follow the instructions in the new student category to get access to the student area from there you can get feed back based around what is in the course.
    The best way for us to help is if you put in the serious work on the scales and fundamentals, this is more important than uploading songs. Give us an example of 2 basic lah triads, one in chest and one bridging, video from the waist up is best. Hope to hear you soon 🙂
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    hi wpate, what @Wigs said is true. if you haven't already, the best tip I can give you is to get used to the idea of sticking to the daily regimen as much as your circumstances allow (minus 1-2 days of rest per week). When I first saw Ken's free videos, where he mentions the daily routine, I admit it was a big "turn-off" to learn it is actually a lot of work. I wisened up and never looked back. The reward is solid growth in the long term. I guess I was looking for a quick fix, which just does not exist. No one would expect to master the piano over night, but strangely, people expect that in singing (maybe you don't, I surely did). Do you have a good overview on how the daily training is set up? If you don't, just ask and we will help you!
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    another thing: at first I thought it is embarrassing to post the scales Wigs mentioned, but you will get used to the idea and will see the benefits right away. I just mention this, because I hear people say they are reluctant at first, I was no exception. it is the best way to make sure you are going in the right direction. if you can, do the daily exercises in front of a mirror, you can also monitor yourself once you know what to look out for.
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    I forgot to mention, in the student area we do have a fun and informal fortnightly song assignment where we can receive feed back on how we have applied the course to singing.
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    Yes Wigs i do slightly remember Ken saying that apply these exercises to songs each week. Thanks guys for responding, I would be interested in that thing you spoke of Wigs on the song assignment thing. I will check out the student area and play around with that some more.
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