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KEN or anyone else (Mods) - check this out! Pass it onto Ken if poss ty!

Here's a Facebook message I woke up to today - awesome way to open facebook!
Hi Anaam,

I'm looking for some advice and wondered if you could help me...

I'm 32 years old and I've been singing now for 13 years (7 years professionally) and although I do really well singing for my living and I'm very experienced, I want to be able to sing well at a high standard into my 70s and beyond! I figure in order to do this and maintain it I should look to seek a proper vocal coaching course to ensure whether or not I've been doing everything correctly, safely and healthily all these years. I know there will be techniques and skills that I haven't used, as I've never been taught professionally. I have faith that Ken will include these in his course, but just wanted to seek some advice from one of his students first.

I've never had any official vocal coaching in my life but I've been considering KTVA for a long time and I'm about to make the purchase for the 'The Course plus Pro Packs' option on Ken's website.

The other thing is that although I do warm up my voice before singing, my method currently is just using various YouTube vocal warm up videos from various sources, with no real direction. So I don't really know if I'm even warming up my whole voice at all or just certain areas.

I'm hoping that with Ken's course I will be provided with a full warm up routine that I can use before I sing or perform a show, and also cool down exercise routines for after a performance to maintain good vocal health and sing the next night with ease. Can you tell me if you think this course is right for me?

Hope you can help me,



My response:
Hi Kyle - wonderful to connect!

ABSOLUTLEY! I 200% swear by KTVA and Ken's vocal approach...imo it is by far THE best out in the market (I'm very familiar with many of them).

It totally changed my approach to my voice and took me from loosing my voice "mysteriously" (doc didn't know wtf was wrong!) to singing not only better than ever before but far beyond what I could do before.

Be aware that as with all things of value, you will have to invest time, effort & energy EVERY DAY to get better - it took me about 3-4 years of training everyday just to master KTVA to level 2 and scratch the surface of level 3.
The KTVA forum is very useful.

Go for it bro - if you need advice etc. hit me up 🙂


Kyle's response:
Thank you for getting back to me Anaam! I have purchased the download option of The Course + Pro Packs. Currently downloading the files as we speak. Can't wait!! 🙂


What do you guys think? awesome right? :)


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