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My Question About my Issues with D5

Hi Kent I have a simple question about My Vocal range but it's a bit long to explain, By using a Tuner I measure my lowest note to my Highest one by Using only my chest voice so my range is around G2 to C#5 I Guess thst make me A Tenor on the Range Chart , but I can also go Higher using Headvoice mixing with a sort of Fry technique and then I'm Able to reach F5 to C6 and I can even go highter using Whistle up to F6, all this in a healthy way by not pushing myself and just closing my throat a bit and playing with my air Flow. So my Question Is When I Does The Flip from my chest Voice most of the Time I reach F5 easily but the D5 and D5# sharp are the lowest note of my Fry/headvoice range and it is very hard to me to find the perfect "matches" between my chest and head voice to make it clear when I want a reach this note mostly it when I make a Crescendo or decrescendo that I Able to reach this Note but Starting on D5 is really a probleme right now I want to know your opinion about this, is this a simply lack of Practice or technique or a kind of vocal issues that make it so complicated??? And What I mean by Fry is to reach above C5# I need To Start Yelling very Loud with a Lot of air flow so It Would Match well on an accoustic song cause making those sounds on a softly way Is quite impossible for me right now.
So thank You for Your Help I know you must Had a Bunch of question like Those and your Very Busy, I'll will wait for your Anwser and Thanks you For Sharing you passion and talent in all those Video I always a pleasure to watch you and hear you Singing Peace!!!👌🤟🤟


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,405
    Hi Math, Ken rarely answers questions here, this is more of a community thing. so I'll just start, if you don't mind!

    one of the first things you learn on the KTVA course is to bridge from chest to head voice, which seems where you run into issues. by daily practice, you can make the transition seemless and strengthen your head voice, and be able to hit the notes right off the bat, as opposed to sneaking up on them, as you describe. the part where you yell the note with lots of air flow, is a lack of support, which is quite complex to master, and is an ongoing struggle for basically every single student when they start, and probably way into the course (i am still in vol 1, did the course for about 10 months, and I have not mastered support yet). you have to be careful not to damage your chords with the yelling, and really the only way to do this is to work on your support. do you ever feel hoarse or notice strain in your voice after going for these high notes?
  • No I've been really careful with those Techniques and when I Start practicing Yell, The first thing I practice was to make sure there is absolutly no tension or muscle stretching when I does that so I Started with my hand around my neck and find the way to yell with my throat totally relaxed and just changing the "position" from wide open to progressively close that how I found my Whistle register and then I realise when I Does that I can drop down the Air flow the higher I go cause the airway is getting shorter so to avoid pressure you had to release less air, and most teacher would say if you Scream in a healthy way you will be Able to mixing Clean and Yell without the Appropriate technique you'll feel tired or limited when you comeback to clean note or high chestvoice!!Thank you For your Anwser I think I got something to pratice on!👌
  • And I will had It is a way to upgrade your range but for a short Among of time, I cannot sing a song of 3min only in That register even if I do it healthy , you got a Mix it or you will be tired after 1 or two song
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