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Anyone Else Into R&B?

Sup guys. I wanted to know if anyone else was as much into R&B as I am. I have a lot of passion for R&B music and singing R&B. For some reason I was always kind of like insecure about it or something lol but I realized that really just didn't make any sense. I guess maybe I was afraid of being put in some kind of spotlight for letting myself become vulnerable you know? When you sing in general you're letting yourself be really vulnerable so that can be kind of unnerving and stuff.

But yeah. I find myself listening to R&B music all the time. Like Chris Brown's older albums, Bobby V, Trey Songs, Jazmine Sullivan, Michael Jackson's R&B songs like Lady In My Life and Human Nature, Ray J, Mario, Usher's R&B stuff, Jeremih, etcetc just to name a few. I tend to gravitate towards R&B heavily. Anyone else on here like that? I'm not even sure what makes me like that, it's just how I am. And what do you think it takes to sing R&B really well compared to other genres? R&B always intrigued me a lot and had a special impact on me.


  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,015
    Hi there, I can't say I'm into the genre as much as you but I still enjoy listening to it or singing some crooning songs🙂 As far as I can tell with my limited musical experience alot of them sing with a strong head voice. To sing those song safely you still need rock solid support and a strong chest voice so you have the choice of how to deliver the song.
  • KaizerKaizer 2.0 PRO Posts: 164
    Hey @Wigs That's pretty cool. Maybe it's just me lol. But yeah I didn't know that about R&B. That's really good insight to have. I really appreciate that a lot. I'm gonna look more into that to see how I can utilize head voice, chest voice and breath support to help me sing R&B better. What would you say your genre preference is?
  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,015
    When I switch on the karaoke machine I find myself singing a mix of ballads, pop, grunge or rock 🙂
  • KaizerKaizer 2.0 PRO Posts: 164
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    @Wigs Nicee. Keep singing and getting better. :smiley:
  • @Kaizer I don't listen to R&B as much as rock or pop, but since I've started learning to sing, I've developed a huge appreciation for the skill of R&B singers. That soulful, expressive style is very difficult to mimic, let alone master. When I hear people doing it well, I definitely start thinking, "Oh, you just have to be born with a voice like that." Which is the exact opposite of what KTVA is all about! It's a thinking trap, but still, R&B makes me fall into it. I would love to be able to sing like that, and it is something I know I will have to actively work on for a long time. If this is the style that you're drawn to, then that's awesome! Embrace it and dive in. You only need to make sure that you sing healthily, so you don't lose your voice over time. Ken's course will teach you that.
  • KaizerKaizer 2.0 PRO Posts: 164
    @Sophia That's amazing Sophia. I never really thought about R&B being skillful like that before. Interesting insight. And yeah, thanks. I'l make sure to do my best! I won't stop until I become a master!!

    @blondiewales That's cool. I started off listening to mainly Pop and some Alternative Rock but as I got older I started embracing different forms of Rock, Metal and other genres too. I think as you mature you start being able to see things in other forms of music since your mind opens up more you know.
  • dylewski_ddylewski_d Member Posts: 15
    I listen to anything well made. Absolutely love James Brown, Little Richard Aretha Franklin just to name drop and love to try to incorporate their styles into the rock genre.
  • epoloepolo 2.0 PRO Posts: 21
    I love R&B but more into a gospel flavor of it these days. Modern stuff is too raunchy for me. Songs like Mint Condition - Forever in Your Eyes was a bit more classy. Anyway a goal of mine is to sing like Wanya on Boyz 2 Men - Doin' Just Fine. The way he carries the emotion and hits that high note/cry is very beautiful and I want that in my tool box. Commissioned is a gospel group from the 80s which I like that I think influenced Boyz 2 Men and many other R&B acts.
  • Chris82Chris82 2.0 PRO Posts: 594
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    Absolutetly! I love all good music regardless of genre.

    I'm actually working on learning this R&B song right now:

  • KaizerKaizer 2.0 PRO Posts: 164
    Awesome guys. Thanks for sharing.
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