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Help? Seeking backing tracks

Hi! I've searched high and low for backing tracks for the Stevie Nicks song "For What it's Worth," and the Bee Gees "One."
I have the KTVA Gold bundle. Are there tracks available here? If so how do I find them? Where else might I try?
Thanks in advance!


  • cwcwcwcw 2.0 PRO Posts: 412
    Youtube and karaoke-version.com are good sources in general, and internet searches.

    Understand that karaoke versions are typically only made for songs that "many" people will buy so that the vendor can make a profit. Otherwise, it's just not worth it to anyone to make. Frustrating for sure (we've all been there), but that's the way it works. I do wish I had a better answer for you. :)

  • BarbieLynnBarbieLynn 2.0 PRO Posts: 56
    Thank you! So far, those songs aren't on either site in karaoke version. Sigh.
    In light of that, can you recommend free or inexpensive software that "removes vocals"?
  • cwcwcwcw 2.0 PRO Posts: 412
    Ahh....the vocal removal rabbit hole. ;)

    Been there done that with marginal results. Removing vocals is not an easy task and often results in unwanted audio artifacts. Results vary widely depending on how the original song was recorded, however. In the end, I gave up because I was never happy with the results - but I expect very high quality audio.

    So...with free you often get what you pay for. With pay for, sometimes you wish you hadn't.

    With free, you will very likely have to manipulate the audio file yourself with a program like Audacity (free) and some plugins. Search the Internet and you'll find plenty of info about that concept, pros and cons.

    I just searched for "free vocal removal software" and a link to https://phonicmind.com/ came up. Vocals can be removed from single songs for $4 per song, less if you buy in bulk. Not a bad price bad considering the ease.

    I am not endorsing them and I have zero experience with them until now. Because they give a 30 second preview - without payment or signing up - I uploaded a Duran Duran song to see how it would do. It did effectively remove the lead vocals, but it also removed more than that and created audio artifacts that aren't acceptable to me. Again, experience will differ depending on the song.

    Easy will come at a cost. Easy and good will come at an even higher cost. Personally, I've purchased karaokes from karaoke-version and I love them. That's a much better option IF they have what I want, and that's a big if. My point is simply that good often comes at a cost.

    Good luck! :sunglasses:


  • BarbieLynnBarbieLynn 2.0 PRO Posts: 56
    Yeahhhhhhhh Chris... that's me, too - expecting and only feeling good about - excellent audio. Grr! I am SO picky! I'm picky even about the karaoke versions out there.. in the wrong key, or too fast or too slow or just downright cruddy-sounding. On the other hand, some karaoke versions are pretty darned good! So.. it takes research.
    I have audacity. I also have Adobe Audition.. but you can only do so much, and the time it takes to tweak stuff to my liking.. well, I'd rather be singing! LOL
    I'll check out that site for $4.. phonicmind. Thank you for the link! It's worth a try, because of course, the songs I pick are usually not mainstream, because who wants to sing the same thing that everyone else does?? haha I really must conform one of these days...
    Anyway, huge thanks for the info. It's a relief to know I'm not the only OCD-about-audio person out there!
  • Chris82Chris82 2.0 PRO Posts: 594
    I'm learning piano for this very reason. It's nice to be able to accompany yourself without having to rely on someone else to get you something to sing to.
  • BarbieLynnBarbieLynn 2.0 PRO Posts: 56
    Very True!
    I've got Reason 8 software, which I can build songs on for backing tracks, if I really need to, a layer at a time. I've got a keyboard, guitar(sss), violin, banjo, ukulele and noisemakers too... just need the personnel to go with LOL.. If I get ambitious, I can record each of those layer by layer too. Whew! a lot of work!
    By the way, I just checked out the link you provided, and tested it out on one of the songs there seems to be no karaoke version of.. NOT BAD at all.. definitely use-able! Thank you!
  • As another alternative, you could look into Twitch Sings. It is free karaoke software with no ads. You just need to create a free Twitch account and log into the software with that. It has Edge of Seventeen and Leather and Lace, as well as several Fleetwood Mac songs. They add new songs regularly. You can save the video of your performance or delete as you go. Here is the download link. It is for PC only: https://www.twitch.tv/sings/en-gb/download/
  • BarbieLynnBarbieLynn 2.0 PRO Posts: 56
    Awesome!!! Thank you SO much! This is excellent!
  • GNAGNA Enrolled Posts: 21
    edited September 2019
    Can I post a video of myself singing to a karaoke version, here on the forum? Just for feedback?
  • cwcwcwcw 2.0 PRO Posts: 412
    Sure. You'd want to post that under VOCAL DEMONSTRATIONS for the Bold!
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