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Question on pitch

Johnman33Johnman33 Posts: 6Member
Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you could answer this question as it’s been driving me insane recently. So basically it is regarding pitch and being in tune. When it comes to pitch I can most of the time have a note played on a piano and then replicate it, however my problem is not knowing how to use it. What I mean by this is when it comes to singing a song I don’t know what notes to sing when, like how am I supposed to know when to change note? It may seem like a stupid question but it is driving me insane haha.

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  • Johnman33Johnman33 Posts: 6Member
    Hey guys, thank you very much for answering this :) I appreciate you taking the time to. I will be very honest the thought of having to identify the correct notes and then memorise them, and then string them together etc. Is extremely daunting to me like you said, it’s how I am wired because I have a very hard time understanding it and using it, but I will try my hardest to try and get it and I’m pretty near to buying this course. Thanks again :)
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Posts: 6202.0 PRO
    edited September 12
    no worries, glad we can help you! you won't actually have to identify the notes as in "naming" them, if that makes you feel any better. you surely will be able to memorize the melody of some simple song like "happy birthday" or something, and then sing it from memory. the process is the same for more complex songs. if you think about it, even the most complex melody is just a string of individual notes, so you can always break it down into really short patterns, like a few notes at a time, repeat until you got it, then proceed. to be honest, sometimes after singing a song for quite a long time, i sometimes realize i missed some bits and sung the wrong notes for months, but that's not the end of the world, and people you sing for might not even realize. with time, you will get better at it. i am still in my first year of KTVA, and i am at a point were i start getting better with all of the pitch stuff, and sometimes cringe when i hear my mistakes now (which i didn't hear before). i am also quite lazy when it comes to using the "one phrase at a time" technique, but i still have fun with it and also slowly get better. you don't need to become a pro singer, so there isn't any pressure, you can learn all of this stuff at your own pace. and strangely enough, the course itself with just the exercises is actually quite fun, who would've thought singing scales daily is so rewarding?! but it is, because you feel yourself slowly but surely getting better and better.

  • blondiewalesblondiewales Posts: 351Pro
    I think I understand your question, because it's a problem I had at the very beginning of singing.

    It is usually wrong approach to practice a single note and think "I'm going to sing this at this time." You're not singing while music happens to be playing, you're singing and vibing WITH the music. You should instead focus on how the note sounds in the context of the song, and replicate that. Sing along with songs and try to replicate the pitch. Some of it can be instantly learned and some of it just develops with time.
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