Hello everyone (long paragraph only read if you want to)

Hey guys, nice to meet you all! You all seem like such a nice group as I’ve already had a few questions answered but never properly introduced myself. I apologise if it is a long paragraph and completely understand if you do not feel like reading it but here goes.
My name is Darryl and I’m 18, I know my username has John in it but I will explain that later. The past year I have really started to take an interest in singing but I feel I just don’t have any talent in music or singing at all :( like it isn’t something I wanted to do my whole life but somehow now I sort of feel like I really want to do it. I will be 100% honest here I never even considered taking it up until I was 17! This was because I was never told it was something you can actually learn and get better at with technique, it’s made out like you have to be the most gifted and talented individual in the world! My whole life I always loved the idea of being able to be decent/good at it but always thought I could never even dream. I know this seems like it’s getting personal for a forum and I don’t want any pity and attention I promise but I suffer from severe anxiety and have very low confidence(which is why I even hesitated using my real name), I also believe I am very untalented at anything and should just not try to even bother to sing and leave it to the people who can, but something keeps dragging me to I don’t know why. My aspirations are to just simply have a great singing voice, I’m not unrealistic and I am not saying that I can become one of the best singers in the world, but all I want is to have a great singing voice that makes people amazed because a lot of things I read online tell me that if I have no talent I should just give up and settle for something smaller. Anyways I’m so sorry for how long this must have been to read but I wanted to be honest. I am seriously considering buying this course but I’m on the fence at the moment. God bless you all, thank you.


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    You won't know until you try. At least with Ken's methods, you stand a really good chance of learning to sing well.

    One of the things that can hold a person back is if they can't hear pitch and discern it. If you can match pitches, you are in the game.

    You can grow your voice to get a great tone and learn the mechanics of singing. The great part about it, is that when you go from being an untrained singer to a trained singer, you can have experiences where you really feel good about yourself and your voice. I highly recommend it.

    But it's a path that actually takes you on a journey. It's not instantaneous. It happens over time.

    Hang in there. Think about it.

    I hope it works out for you.

    All the Best!

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    Hey Darryl,

    You took a big step already by writing here. I think that singing will be extra beneficial for you, since it will help with confidence and anxiety. There are many members that started from what you described. Give this hobby time, and you will notice you will get better on many aspects. You are young, so you have all the time in the world to conquer it.

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    As long as you do something you are loving and are willing to learn to get better, then that's the best reason to do just about anything. I thought along the same lines that singing was a talent. Talent helps, but hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard! There are many students working hard and reaping the results. I'm actually getting happy with the way I sound and know that I can keep improving. I reckon give it a go!
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