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I am the biggest melon ever, this whole time...

Johnman33Johnman33 Posts: 6Member
Hey guys, so maybe you would have seen my questions regarding pitch and after going insane for a very long time trying to figure it out I cannot believe how I did not realise this.
I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS SIMPLY LISTENING TO A SONG AND JUST ABSORBING IT AND THEN JUST REPLICATING THE PITCH THE ARTIST WAS SINGING AT. I legitimately thought this whole time you had to listen to a song and then word by word go to a piano or guitar and find the exact note of each word and memorise every single name of the key that goes with the word! This whole time I thought that! Now it makes so much sense as to why you train by playing a key on a piano and just repeating it, so that you can get used to MATCHING a pitch like when you hear a pitch in a song and you have to MATCH it by ear. This might seem like the most pointless post but it just shows that sometimes we make silly mistakes and we need to ask questions etc.
God bless all of you, I hope you are all happy and you all deserve good.


  • WigsWigs Posts: 682Moderator, 2.0 PRO
    Hey mate! What is simple for one is complex for another and if you don't know then you don't know. I'm genuinely happy you have made this breakthrough and you should be able to now learn your songs with much less stress. Thanks for sharing this, any breakthrough isn't pointless, you never know you could have helped someone else going through the same thing 🙂
  • d1g2w3d1g2w3 Posts: 184Pro, 2.0 PRO
    @Johnman33 The thing I take from this is your dedication and to not go "screw that". The fact that you would go to that complex and painfully difficult process is impressive in itself.

    You're going to do great.
  • coffeecrankcoffeecrank Posts: 1772.0 PRO
    @Johnman33 Feels great to have this kind of a breakthrough, doesn't it? :) I had a bunch myself. For example, I couldn't figure out what the hell is a head voice. It seemed like everyone understood this but me. And then one day it hit me when I was doing an exercise - AHA, this is it! Sometimes it takes time, but when it happens, it feels incredible.
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