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Hello guys,

a couple of months ago @cwcw and @doc_ramadani asked me to sing an Italian song.
Here I am, I choose one of my favorite Italian artist: Lucio Battisti.
He wasn't a great singer for sure but he was definitely an amazing songwriter.

This song is kind of hard, it has a lot of dynamics and some high notes.

I know there are some parts who needs work and the overall result is not so great but hey, we are here for the love of music and for getting better on singing.

Here is my demo

Here you have the original song from Lucio Battisti

and finally, just to give you an idea about who was Lucio Battisti here you have a cover of the song made by Mick Ronson and Lyrics from David Bowie.


David Bowie once said that Battisti was one of the best author in the world!

I hope you like it and as always thank to all who will devote their time to listen, comment and give some feedback.



  • cwcwcwcw 2.0 PRO Posts: 412
    Hey @Claude77 (Claudio), thanks for sharing. It's a nice song. I'm glad I'm more of a melody person than a lyrics person, so that I could still get into the song. :)

    No doubt a difficult song, especially the dynamics. You are right, this is just a work in progress, a marker of where you are today. Your tone is really good, but pitch was hit and miss. I wonder, did you play guitar while singing the song? If so, I think you would have a better pitch if you first recorded the guitar part and then recorded vocals, so that you could focus on pitch.

    Kudos on your work so far. Keep it up, and please continue to share songs in your native tongue! :)

  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Oh, Claudio,

    when I hear your beautiful language I am so jealous. Your language is so gentle. Not as harsh and shrill as the German language. And, your language reminds me of my youth. My parents went with my brother and me several times to the Adria. But personally, I love the "Alto Adige", "Trentino", "Venetia", "Toscana", "Sicilia", ... Your country has so many beautiful places (and great history).

    It is great, that you posted a song in the Italian language. Do you want to know where you sound best? - Around 1:40 you raise your voice and use a very resonant (very good ping) chest voice. And there, also your pitch seems to be so much better and I can hear that you apply glottal compression. You voice sounds much more controlled. Work on that. It will help to grow your voice.

    Claudio, I would like to recommend to you to work on what you are good already. Sing a lot of songs in resonant chest voice, like "Gianna Nannini - Bello e Impossibile" or "Ligabue - Si viene e si va" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kesP6Prbt94). This could help you to build a solid base.

    To keep it simple: keep it simple! :smile:

    Loved to hear you in your native language.

    Saluti, Marco
  • Claude77Claude77 Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 213
    Thanks guys for these feedback!
    I appreciate it so much.

    @cwcw you are right pitch is KING as Ken says and I have to focus much more on it.
    Reading all these comments about my tone being good is something that really strike me.
    I have always thought, and still I do, I have such a bad tone and my voice doesn't suite singing.

    Now I am starting to get much more confidente with my voice and I am starting not to be shy to sing for some friends.

    @doc_ramadani thanks Marco, you are right my country is beautiful as many other countries in the world.
    I do sing italian songs but I am really into the international music from the 1960-1970 where everything happened on music.
    You are right about my chest voice that is much more controlled and powerful. I am so happy about it.

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