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Biggest breakthrough yet, spoiler, it's the lack of singing!

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Boring thread alert.

So after being enrolled on KTVA 2.0 for 6 weeks continously (only had two weeks a year ago), and after having found my resonance for 5 days continous, I engrossed on my biggest challenge yet....

...going to a concert to see a favourite band of mine Enter Shikar (https://open.spotify.com/artist/31jvzuB4ikftPQZJwrYfCF?si=9VJF-fojTriHzbYYPzX4cQ).

Before the gig, I'd seen stories of losing resonance for periods of time including one myself from oversinging in which I have had it happen (were I got it for one day and broke it like a kid breaking their Christmas present on christmas day)

So this time, I'm was paranoid, im not losing it again! So there I was, watching my favourite band with all its euphoria, doing what I can only describe as "air singing" (like air guitar).

I engaged support, and opened my mouth to words but didn't sing a sound.

Anyway, I'm super stoked to wake up the next morning with no problems and a big smile on my face to learn that the biggest lesson I've learnt is patience and proper care of my voice.

Anyway, it was an incredible night and not singing actually made the gig better, as I was listening to the music more than trying to repeat it.

Anyway, boring thread but hey, go see Enter Shikari on their tour, last night in Austin was their first on their USA tour!


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