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Steve from Utah

 I got in a band about 3 years ago where the guitar player and I (I play bass) shared lead singing duties as well as back up on choruses etc.  At the time, I was singing flat and I could only sing a few songs before my voice got tired. 

 So I searched youtube for some help.  I found Ken Tamplin and his videos which were very helpful.  I wanted some vocal workouts.  For Christmas  I bought the Weekend Warrior course, went through the videos and put the Thor Audio Workouts on my phone. 

  I have a 45 minute commute to work 3 times a week.  I use the audio workouts to warm up. I then sing the songs I'm singing in my band trying to remember all the things taught in the videos. I've been doing this for 2 1/2 years.
   The results have been good.  I've gotten compliments on my singing.  People have noticed a mark improvement in my voice.  I can sing a  2-3 hour gig and my voice doesn't tire.  

  I played a gig 3 weeks ago then watched a video of some of the songs.  I noticed, I still have some pitch problems.  I decided it was time to get the full pro program which I did.  

Wow!! lots of great info. I'm learning new things every time I watch the videos and do the excercises. Thanks Ken.


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