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Why is my tone so bad especially when I go higher (audio recording)


As an FYI I can also sing up to an F#5 and much higher in falsetto. But I just included the true range I would be able to use in a song. :)


  • d1g2w3d1g2w3 Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 465
    Hi @Ellwoo

    Tone stems from proper support and the techniques Ken teaches. By using a lot of air, you are relying on pushing the sound out instead of creating an amphitheater of sound in your mouth. This is also how you retain good vocal longevity because you not using as much effort in your vocals to create the big sound.



    Just a hint, he covers all this in his 2.0 course but his free youtube videos are incredibly insightful

  • Richard_DRichard_D 2.0 PRO Posts: 5
    I can only agree with d1g2w3! The diaphragma support mechanism is the basic foundation for creating good tone in your voice and being able to keep up the well shaped tone in any range without straining your vocal cords, especially in the high range. That, plus developing good resonance and breath control (The amphitheater mentioned by @d1g2w3) will enable you to sound great at any range within your voice capabilities. Ken tells a lot about that in his Youtube channell. His course is really a great the way to go, if you want to learn it properly.
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