Richard Drummond - Singer from Santa Monica, based in Germany - KTVA Student

Hi everybody! I am a 57 year old singer, songwriter, musician & producer from Santa Monica, California, with scottish heritage, who currently lives near Frankfurt, Germany.......as if that isn’t already complicated enough :-)

Live Experience: 40 Years stage experience as lead singer. Average: 20-40 concerts a year

So why am I here?
Well, I started to have some problems with my live performances in some of my singing ranges (especially Passagio). So I started to look for some help and came across Ken Tamplin's Youtube channel and a friend who had his course. So I looked into it and started to practice the KTVA methods. I couldn't beleive how fast my voice started to improve again and get the strength back. So I bought the course! Even though I was initially instructed by an opera singer (my mother), I can honestly say I am learning that I did a lot the wrong way and am now able to bring my voice back up to top condition - Thanks so much for your wonderful course Ken!

Current Activity:
Lead Singer for Cover Band "Hard Cover"
Lead Singer for "The 80s Band"
Lead Singer for "Very Moore" - A tribute to Gary Moore
Just finished the second solo Album, which is a rock/pop album with acoustic influences.
Recording and Producing songs for the next album.
Occasionally I sing and record songs for other composers who are in need of a singer for thier tracks.

I sing all sorts of songs from various styles: Iron Maiden, Dio, Foreigner, Saga, Journey, but also pop from the 80s as Tears for Fears, Spandau Ballet, Loverboy, Crowded House...and many more....

Looking foward to great discussions and know-how exchange here!


Sample: Singing with "Hard Cover" - Live

Sample of my latest Studio voice recording for a different Artist, already using some of what I learned at KTVA:

Sample of my original music with me singing: (This and my other original songs were recorded before I started the KTVA Course)

Here's a sample of my singing with Very Moore where you can hear some of the problems I was having:


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