Danny in Virginia just getting started.

By "started" I mean that I've spent nearly a lifetime believing that I had such a bad voice, that for me singing was literally impossible. Eventually, after talking to a few people about the subject of "singing", I thought that I would give it a try. So now I now realize that everyone is capable of singing, but especially in my case, professional instruction is absolutely required. (Not optional.) So, here I am, an old geezer trying to learn how to sing the right way, by getting some proper training.

I bought the course because not only do I have a renewed hope that one day I will be able to sing well but also out of feeling a sense of obligation, or as an act of repentance for having subjected other human beings to my horrendous attempts at singing publicly without having been properly instructed first. Having escaped the karaoke/amateur night scene at the local bar with my life, I vow to never again subject innocent bystanders to such indescribably horrible sounds ever again.


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