Believe By Otter Briggs.

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I wrote this song because of all the things that are happening to people right now. We've let go of Faith in our walks in life and that's all I'm about. I'm not trying to push what I believe on others but it's okay to stop and pray for answers when we need to, too.
It's not finished yet. So bear with I'm just a poor native kid with a dream to stand on stage with Reba and help inspire people like she does. I'm not rough and tumble like other guys but my heart is in country music.

Believe by Otter Briggs 2019

It doesn't matter what life throws along this journey
Or where you are, if you feel lonely or ever lost a loved one,
There is more to life than just giving up. Greet each day with a smile.

Each day we face struggles and tribulations,
but there is only have one answer I can give.
Faith is not about seeing,
it's about putting your full heart in all you do


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