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Hey guys I actually have a question about consistent practices. Has anyone done interval type practices and still got really good results? I've been practicing consistently for about 3 weeks, but finding myself burnt out trying to keep up with everything (including other goals in life not related to voice development). I was thinking of trying to do interval practices so I can find balance in working on other goals. Much appreciated guys!


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    Hi Willis, @wpate

    if you have little time, I recommend to you to practice several times shorter than just a few days and longer. I believe that regularity helps more.

    My thinkings on that,
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    Welcome from Ohio, @wpate

    Life balance and time is difficult. On nights that I am short of time, which is often, I only do the exercises 1x through instead of 2x. That allows me to do them daily, and not get burned out or spend too much time. You could alternate nights with one chest and the other head. It's not ideal, but it's consistent.

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    I agree with the above, my work means I spend 1 week at home and 1 week away, I'm constantly travelling. So there are times when I can do 10 days in a row, others when I miss 7 days in a row. Now I take every opportunity I can since I don't know if I'll have to take another big break. I really feel it if I have to go 3 days without practice.
    Shorter more regular is better, even if it's just the starter exercises, especially in the beginning you need to get muscle memory.
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