Wonderful Tonight after 6 moths in KTVA

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So i turned 41 yesterday, and thought i could try to celebrate by recording something that represents the status where i am currently after 6 months in the KTVA course. To make it more interesting, i pulled an old version from the x-files just to notice the difference in the voice (1,5 months vs 6 months). I haven't sang this song that much, but now and then. I was pretty familiar with it even before KTVA, and think it's quite easy to sing but hard to master. I don't think i'm even close yet but hearing progress.
I use same equipment and backup track, plus both voice-tracks have exactly the same fx presets on them (eq, compressor, reverb).

For this new recording i went with the flow, and perhaps there are too many tricks and licks. Any comments and critique is welcome, and also i would like to hear if something sounds cool and something not. I'm still trying to find my own voice, and i tend to change my own mind each week about it :smile:

Wonderful tonight (Recorded 13th 5 May 2019)

Wonderful tonight (Recorded 3rd 10 October 2019)

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    doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Hello Ari, @DogMeat

    Happy Birthday. I hope that you had a great day.

    Your progress is amazing. You gained so much control over your voice in 4,5 months. For me it sounds like nearly night and day.

    I think I can calm you: I already can hear YOUR OWN VOICE. You sound very unique. I think I could recognize your voice among 1000 other voices.

    You are like me not a native speaker and finish (is that correct) is a kind of its own. Try to work on your accent. You are already very good but it can be heard that you are not a native speaker / singer. You already support very good but your support needs some time to grow even more. Did you notice that wobbling and shaking at some spots. Press down on the diaphragm at these spots to stabilize your voice.

    Amazing progress, Ari. I am looking forward to hearing a lot of your forthcoming demos.

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    DogMeatDogMeat 2.0 PRO Posts: 437
    Thanks Marco @doc_ramadani . I hate to say it but i had one of the practice runs uploaded instead of the final one :smiley: . There is not huge difference, but i think it's a little less sloppy and has the licks in it. The file is fixed now
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    DogMeatDogMeat 2.0 PRO Posts: 437
    Oh yes and i think your comments are spot on. I hear the wobbling and shaking. It's been reducing as support gets stronger. Thanks for the "press down" tip i'll focus on that.
    Accent is there, and work in progress. To be honest i've been singing x10 more in Finnish, and expressing the English text is much harder like for you.
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    SinaSina 2.0 PRO Posts: 67

    Very good progress ... nice tone ... just keep going! :)
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    DogMeatDogMeat 2.0 PRO Posts: 437
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