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Should I practice lowering my falsetto?

Hi, so my voice naturally starts to transition into a mixed voice at the note F#3. (if I transition any higher there is a noticeable break) My lowest sustainable falsetto note is a D#4 at the moment.

Could this be a factor in my mixed voice sounding weak and too heady?

Should I practice lowering my lowest sustainable falsetto note to an F#3?

Will this make my bridge more smooth and easier to control?

Is there a way to make my primo passaggio transition point higher?

Thanks for any useful answers!😁


  • bonvie56bonvie56 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 55
    Hi Ellwoo,
    Where you transition is initially dependent upon your vocal type, but will change with proper technique. That said, I've found this free stream from Ken on YouTube to be very helpful:


    I can also say that, without a doubt, if you are at all serious about developing your voice, get Ken's "How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else" 2.0 Pro. It is so worth it, because it will save you years of wasted time, money and frustration! I am in my 60's, have had 4 vocal coaches (and 6 piano teachers, but that's beside the point), and this course tops them all for value and effectiveness. To be sure, the answers to your questions are covered in clear detail within the course! The other thing about Ken's course that makes it so great is that it's a lot of FUN! A lot of work to get best results...but still FUN!
    Good luck and have fun singing!
  • EllwooEllwoo Member Posts: 5
    Hi thanks for your answer. I’m a broke teenager so I can’t really afford Ken’s expensive course anytime soon, thats why I asked here😅 anyway thanks for the livestream I’ll be sure to give it a look!
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