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Immigrant Song "Before" .... The after will come later.

Hello all.

Ive been singing for many years. But only started the KTVA full course pp 4 weeks ago. And id say it is precisely what ive been looking for for years.

About 1 year ago I sat my phone next to my office and sang along to Immigrant Song and made this. I think its " ok " but I look forward to seeing how i can do it after properly learning the techniques Ken is teaching. I knew of mixed voice back then but didnt really know how to do it.

So this is obviously me singing to the original song in the back ground ( which probably makes it sound a bit better )
But i also have no multi tracking or any effect on my voice.

Happy to hear any feed back. And Down the track i will post a new "After KTVA" version :)

I know it is pitchy in some parts such as the big ahhhhhhhhhhhha ahh call, And my mix/head voice is rough. But thats what im here for!


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