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Livin' Thing - Jeff Lynne (E.L.O.) - collab cover by the TASA

doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Posts: 3,458Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management
Hello Divas, Hello Dudes,

my friends Maxim ( @maximgottmer ) and Chris ( @cwcw ) from the TASA (Transatlantic Singing Association) agreed to do another collaborative demo. This time we chose a more complex song: Livin' Thing by Jeff Lynne from the Electric Light Orchestra.

We had to fiddle ourselves through the harmonies and the arrangement. And we tried to pick up the feeling of the song as good as we can.

For the mates that are interested in the recording technique ( @DogMeat, @blondiewales, @Klaus_T, @coffeecrank ) : we recorded the video showing you the Mixbus processing we use. Before that we printed the different busses ( Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals) of each singer and added some automation.

We hope you enjoy our try on this song,


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