Hi Everyone, First Post, So Impressed So Far with the little i have picked up

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Ok, i think i am about to come off the fence and buy the course. I'm from the UK and so far been following some of the free lessons. The biggest change for me, was learning Diaphragmatic Support. Oh my god, I couldn't believe the difference that made to my voice. I'm 50 years old, enjoy singing, not professional, but its shocking really hearing how bad my technique was before. i was all neck and head strain and some higher notes was out of range or very strained if i pushed to reach it. Simply by switching to Diaphragmatic Support, suddenly I am hitting notes without effort that I couldn't reach comfortable before without feeling a lot of strain :smile: . Even the family noticed it. this doesn't mean i have fully learnt Diaphragmatic Support, it means when I do concentrate and use it, it makes a massive difference, and its this alone that has got me to come off the Fence. Anyway, enough rambling, but I am excited at the same time. So what do you all think, just the basic foundation course should cover me? I'm not sure i am going to need the Pro Packs, but are they discounted later on if i start with the foundation course?




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    Hi Mabs welcome to the forum / course I am from the uk as well 45 years old been on the course for nearly a year now and improved greatly in many areas amazing course, not professional either but goto a club they have karaoke night and get lot good responses from strangers this course works.

    Just a little heads up when you join you will be able to access the student part of the forums, where you can ask questions post progress demos and so much more. Plenty of experts here to guide you through the learning process.

    Vocality :)
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    Greetings! Glad to hear the you're 'off the fence!' The Pro Packs have a lot of good info in them, and they also have a lot of really enlightening demos that show Ken working with students (the man is headed for sainthood with the amount of patience he shows!). Anyway, I personally felt KTVA 2.0 with Pro Packs was a ridiculously good deal and am not sorry that I have it.
    On another note (B flat, maybe? :wink: ) you guys are young. I am 63, been with the course since April 2018, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of it. I am primarily a keyboard player, having played for over 50 years now, and started singing several years ago when I discovered that if I could sing something accurately, I could easily play it by ear on the piano. So...there is some kind of a weird connection that I can't really explain, which connects the voice to the fingers. The unintended result of working on the KTVA course is that people actually say they like to listen to me sing now...not so much before ("shut up and just play the piano....etc."), even though I had tried a few different 'live-in person' vocal coaches in the past. KTVA is crazy-effective, and this forum is loaded with great people of all ages and abilities, all willing to share info and help each other in any way they can.
    Have fun...it's been said a lot, but you will be amazed at your own transformation!
    ~~ Le bonne vie (especially now since I'm retired!)
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    Welcome mate 🙂 I'm unsure how the buying structure works whether you can get a discounted upgrade or not. I will say this though, having the videos of Ken working with the students in the pro packs helped my understanding of his instructions alot. It stressed the importance of fundamentals because he brings them through all volumes and as good as they are, there were still things to correct for them from the basics.

    Either way it will still be a game changer. Looking forward to hearing you!
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    Hi Mabs, @Mabseyuk

    a warm Welcome from Germany. My name is Marco, I am 49 years old and started the course on my 48th birthday. If you would ask me the "Course + ProPacks" is the "go for". Not only that you get Volume 4 + 5 too, the Pro Packs where you can hear the vocals only tracks sung by Ken are very good.

    I would be happy to see you as an active member of the Forums soon.

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