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Hi from the netherlands

Hi there, Im a boy (17) from the netherlands.
I have a group with friends, and almost every weekend we do something together.
So 1 night we went to my friend his house to watch the movie The Dirt. that movie about Motley Crue.
1 friend can play amazing guitar the other one drums and the other one bass. So after the movie we where in a rock mood.
We said to each other : why are we not forming a band, we only needs a singer that's it. I always wanted to be a singer bcs I love to
stay in front of people and do my thing. so I said I want to be the singer, I always wanted singing lessons before and now I'm motivated enough. we already have played together and I singed a few songs, not bad but we need way more practice. We already got an invite to play in our village in a pub, so we got a big start but there is much work left!


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