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"What's The Use of Feeling, Blue" & "That's Who We Are" V.2

I'm not sure what happened to my last post. I went and edited it and then it said the discussion didn't exist. I hope I'm not in trouble @_@

I'd love to get some help with these. Any feedback/CC is welcome! I had recorded them for an audition and thought they sounded great, but then went back to them days later and was horrified and how awful/off pitch they actually were. I've had that happen a few times (where I'll be 100% sure I hit every note, and then listen back later and find I was off) and I don't understand why.

Both songs are from the TV show "Steven Universe".


  • @CassandraWladyslava Hello! You're not in trouble. I recall seeing your post last night. I wonder if when you went to edit it, some internet glitch happened and your edit registered as a delete. But we can see it now! :)

    You have a nice tone and you don't sound airy, except in the background vocals, which I am guessing is done intentionally. I wonder if you could increase your diaphragmatic support in your lower notes. That's where your pitch issues seemed most obvious, especially in the first track, and lack of support affects pitch. The issues also seem to happen closer to the start of your tracks than the end. This may just be a matter of practice to train yourself to correctly hit the pitch you want straight away. You're clearly capable of hitting the right pitch, but can't always do it right away. Nerves may be a factor. Repetition and practice will help.
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