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Well, a week ago I spent some three hours at a studio with my teacher recording KISS (Tom Jone's version). It was a great experience. By the way, Ken's advice to make the music as low as possible from the webinar was right in time and VERY useful!!! We made three takes and the phrase "You just leave it all up to me" (in the very first part) I had to sing several times to pick up the pitch and intonation. Then we combined the best parts mostly from the second and the third takes and that's what came out of this:

I am at the very beginning of the volume one, working for about a month, I prefer to move slowly - working on simple scales of lip roll, tongue exercise and bright A vowel and diaphragmatic breathing. Want to make it well first then to move on.

I would appreciate all your comments.


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    @farawayguy. This is pretty good. You did stick with a Tom jones type tone throughout. I would focus on brightening up your tone the bright lah is key. That would pull you away from the Tom jones tone but would let your own voice shine.
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    @sspatrick, thank you! Yes, that is absolutely correct, and this bright La is the most difficult thing while singing songs. I can stick to it while doing the very exercise but when I start singing a song with many different sounds than it is hard to keep the throat open so far - and I guess the vouwel modification method should be implemented, but this I just try a bit and not practice so far, trying to go slow and steady. While recording this song I was trying to learn something from Tom Jones - tthe manner, the intonations. It would be very interestinng to remake it in a half of a year to feel the difference. There is a song in the Russian language where there are a lot of Long La sounds, it seems that there I can do it, I will post it in a while for your criticism! What would you say about support - is there enough of that? And another one thing that is important for me as I am not a native speaker - what about the accent - what should be corrected? I listened to Jesse James - it's a really hot stuff, the music and vocals are great - my respect and congrats!
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    Good job.  Not bad on the support, pretty strong for a first post.

    Keep up the good work!


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    @highmtn, Bob many thanks for your support! :) I will work as much as I can, though I don't have too much time - job takes most of it, spare time I spend mostly with family, with my 4-year old daughter (and she loves to sing too - it's funny watch her singing some parts of songs along with me when I practice, by the way she is very fond of the lip roll exercise, she considers it as a great fun :)))), with my grandson, here they are: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/38182005/KatAndDrew.jpg
    Two times a week I take vocal lessons and already try to implement all what I've learnt here and on sundays take a couple hours at the local studio singin out loud at a good equipment. And whenever I have some spare moments - I practice KTVA course.
    I expect some noticeable results in a half of a year.

    I would appreciate if you give some feedback about the accent.

    Yeah - and I've listened to your FLML presentation - it is great. By the way is it possible to somehow download minus one of this song to try it - as there is no more "Shout" part of the course in the 3 downloadable volumes as far as I understand? 

    I would appreciate your help!



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    The photo of your daughter and grandson with the phones on is priceless!

    I'll look into your other questions and see what I can come up with.



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    Bob! Thanks a lot! Yes they are really cute! :) They are - reall life and future!

    I'll be waiting for your reply.

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     I'm not so skilled to judge it, but i like it!  
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    @MichaelS thank you! The opinion of mates is important as well!
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