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Anything pro or con on this mixing course?


I have a Yamaha MC 1604 just got it up and running. I have a good ear so stumbling along fairly well with the compressor, vocals and background tracks. But I'm confident learning the mixer more in depth would help song writing.

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    dylewski_ddylewski_d Member Posts: 15
    He's already in 10 minutes made a tremendous diff. Just doing what I can b/f I make ready for Ken's course. Hooking up a condenser Mic this weekend and audio software to clean up the sound. All this stuff will pay dividends when I go fulltime either with a band or starting my own. Facinatating s__t. Right now thanking God the Mixer has passive power for the Mic. Stay tuned lotsa moe stuff to cover this is just the tip of the iceberg
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    dylewski_ddylewski_d Member Posts: 15
    Wow like learning a foreign language. But keeping up the pace. If your going to do this full time you will have to luck out and a band member is an expert or it's going to be you. The real reward here is the end product. You would never use an amp or PA system alone when the difference affected with a mixer and some of these other low cost additives make all the difference in the final sound like night and day. Facinatating stuff I'm trying to get the readers digest version but like everything else round here I am forced to be an expert. Whatever happened to "I don't want to work just want to bang on the drum all day."
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