Singing with a voice that was once retired cause of a disease


Hi ladies and gentleman. I’m back on the path to seeing unfortunately I took a long while off singing because I had this GERD disease where you feel like your gonna die And continually going to the hospital over and over going WTF is wring with me like the feeling of (lumps -hot -burning neck . Literally made me quit singing .

BUT now I’m beginning off and would just like to ask all of you about a song and how to sing it properly. And a couple of things that I do to sing it (properly) but it may not be properly and hope some can help me out ❤️.

Anyways so the song is called (elvis Presley) for me to get that real elvisy sound (in my own voice I have to really compress the abdomen for that sound if I wanna make it sound good but for it to sound great I have too widen and shorten then mouth to the song of the vowels like the (style )

I just ask is this doing it wrong completely because before I had the disease-I was singing fine with out no dramas- and now My throat is iffy.thankyou
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