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Raising Money For Diego: Links and Info

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Thanks for those that expressed interest in this idea. Diego has been a part of this community for a while and has gladly helped a lot of people. Let's lend him a hand!

To summarize, we are trying to raise money to buy Diego a condenser microphone, interface, and other audio gear.

GoFundMe Link: http://gf.me/u/v825tx


Copied and pasted from that link:

Diego Gustavo Van Leijer is a talented singer and musician from Honduras. He loves to sing and wants to be a professional full-time musician. However, he is limited by the recording equipment he can access.

Honduras is a third-world country. Although it is a beautiful nation, it's limited infrastructure and economy make it difficult to obtain professional audio gear.

Help us raise money to purchase a condenser microphone, interface, cables, and microphone stand for Diego. Money will also help cover shipping costs. Amazon and many other companies do not ship directly to Honduras, and we will use a third-party company (www.myus.com) to ship to Honduras efficiently and affordably.

Diego will then use the gear for online session vocal jobs as well as starting a YouTube account. He has stated he has full intentions of paying everyone back as soon as possible. He will also use the money to help his family. 

Diego is a bright young man that never hesitates to help others. He has a tremendous future if exposed to the right opportunity. This fundraiser was not his idea, but he has stated he tremendously appreciates anyone that can help out!

Here are some examples of Diego's work, recorded on cheap gear. For reference, although it sounds okay, the audio quality is far beneath that of commercial audio and therefore is unable to complete the majority of session work. 

(Collaboration with Lana Ovcharenko) 


Bonus: Here's a picture of Diego recording in a studio as a wee lad. 


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