Ken's video on Song Writing

Once again quite illuminating. But consider this. If your going to get serious. There's many ways to skin a cat. Many proficient songwriters will keep a quill if arrows or little bag of tricks to draw from. Me personally I have always been strong at lyrics because I have been a strong writer in general (as evidenced by this post) and even while I write the lyrics I'm devising the musical portion of the song usually bluesy my favorite. So like Ken's method only in reverse sort of. Which admittedly puts me at a disadvantage because sooner or later I have to find a guitar player to fill in the blanks. Just wanted to throw this out here because even getting to the point if playing like Ken did in his video is not simple if you have never picked up a guitar. Not to mention his strumming technique as well as his grasp of even four or so chords is intermediate to expert. If your like me I desperately want to get there but right now I'm concentrating on the vocals.. Ok before someone jumps in here and says yeah but Ken did mention for those of you who are guitar players, granted and not to take away from the valuable information provided and it all is covered in his course in much greater depth. Just to say I even sing the songs melody on a recorder to later be transcribed. Just something to think about. See what I said? Writing for me is like breathing, getting me to shut up is the hard part.


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