Naked (in bavarian German: "Nackert") by Doc (& for sure: his family)

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Hello my singing mates,

when people think about Germany they think about people clothed in traditional costumes drinking tons of beer. Guess what, they are right. The Germans love their beer.

And people think about Germans living in huge tents where they take their beer (Oktoberfest). Guess what, they are right. The Germans love Oktoberfest tents.

And people think about Germans listening to Marches, Polkas and Waltzes while they take their beers. Guess what, they are right. The Germans love Marches, Polkas and Waltzes. And the Germans love beer. I grew up in a small village and survived, although being in a brass band, this micro-universe.

We Germans seem to be very traditional but there is a great generation of young and passionate musicians that are taking this traditional music to the next level. My wife and I have been to a concert of a very nice band from the southern part of Germany. The band is called "Labrassbanda". They are absolutely great. They are touring all over the world. Whenever you have the chance to see them - Go THERE. They are so sympathetic. You can find a lot of information on their homepage (https://www.labrassbanda.com).

After being at one of their concerts again, Sonja and I decided to do a video on one of their songs. In our german language it would be called "Nackt". In the bavarian dialect it sounds much more pleasant: "Nackert" - spoken: naggert!. In the english language it would be "Naked".

We hope that you enjoy it.


Yours, Doc


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