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Four man band lead singer, lead guitar, bass, drummer. We will play our own blues compilations and rock covers. What does the bar scene pay per gig and how many hours 2.5-3.5 per night. Just ball park I know Ken covers this but I respect the opinions here. Also is that amount negotiable or will they give me a take it or leave it? Will have videos and at least two or three local gigs to offer for reference and they will be ecstatic about us? Thanks in advance.


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    Hey. It depends a lot on where you're at and how good you are. I know a 4-man rock band in the Midwest and they get $1500ish plus tips. If you're a major act, of course it's much more. In the Bay Area and larger cities, the payment will be higher as well.

    Ok thank you sooo much for the advice. I'm spending the next 12-14 months or so setting this up. I'm a good lead vocalist Ken's making me a superb one. The following link has tons of useful info 2010 so... but it really does not take into account You Tube which has changed the landscape dramatically. I've seen one band nothing special kids really doing covers kind of remind you of Hooty and the Blowfish but with a female lead vocalist. Tons of hits on YouTube (????) then they do a live You Tube show. Next thing they are opening for Tom Keifer and Cinderella. So here's the link


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    Understand I've nothing against Hootie just that Mahogany Rush is more my liking.
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    Billy Joel said when he was 14 he did a cover of Elvis's Jail House Rock at his high school. Every chick in the joint was screaming their heads off. He said he knew then he was on to something. The blues played well have a profound effect on people. I was at Pat Travers concert the other day and people were writhing and dancing, jumping and contorted like at a religious ceremony where snakes are part of it under a big tent. Like they were demonically possessed. That's what I want to stir a reaction where people appear demonically possessed. I'll tell ya brother I've been to a Skynyrd concert the original lineup where the entire place was on fire, everyone was standing on their seats. Been at a Greg Allman concert, people were literally screaming back and forth at the top of their lungs. But there's nothing quite like being at a Robyn Trower or Kenny Wayne Sheppard show. Only it's like the vocals are a secondary consideration which I guess follows the inspiration of it all namely the black man's blues. I was surprised to find out many years ago that several of Eric Clapton's hits were just different arrangements of old black blues artists. Almost word for word. I guess copyright wasn't practical to them or not considered. Pardon the rant.
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