Blackbird; first vox-demo for Kenbo; thanks for any feedback!

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I tried this before, lost my courage, deleted, . . . . but am now uploading again.  Any feedback is welcome.  I hear mostly weakness and pitchiness, but please add your thoughts / advice.  This is a big step for me and, 2 months ago, would never have tried singing, let alone posting an example.  Thanks.  KB 


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    Nice job.  One of my favorite songs, and one that I enjoy singing and playing also.  Don't lose courage.  You are starting from a good place.  Posting a demo and leaving it up for feedback is a big step.

    Good work on the guitar, by the way.

    Pay attention to everything Ken says and everything you can read about on the forums here regarding SUPPORT.  I know people may be getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing me go on and on about support, but that is exactly what will do you the most good, and it's easily overlooked.

    You are on pitch.  Support will give a solidity to your voice that you have not yet developed.  It will make the difference between night and day on your voice.  When you build support, you will be able to sing out on "Into the light of a dark black night" with ease, confidence, and accuracy.  When Ken talks about pushing down when you go to the high notes and holding it down until you come 3/4 of the way back down, he is talking about support.  Study everything you possibly can and try every strategy for support in these forum articles regarding support, and your voice will be made over in a way that you will really like.  Do the belly breaths and learn when to push down, and make that a habit that never leaves you. 

    Congratulations for posting.  Keep doing the workouts and work on that support.  Range will come with support and with relentless practice on the exercises.  Watch and re-watch Ken's videos.

    Good Singing to you!


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    @highmtn, thanks Bob. Very encouraging and a bit of relief to have had someone listen. I will be reviewing support as you suggest . . . I only recently added the belly-breaths at the beginning and end of the Vol2 workouts; as a result of how those muscles feel afterwards, I can tell I'm not using them enough in the other exercises. So much to learn, but so happy to be learning! Thanks again for your time and feedback. -kenbo
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