Retired, and Singing

Retired. Sing Bass in a choir. Want to extend singing as long as possible.


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    Hi @JPittman,

    welcome to the Forums. I am 49 years old and started singing 15 months ago. I can understand why you are here. I am singing because it i sooo good for my soul. I am a low baritone (as I would be judged by classical orientated coach ) but learned to reach a Eb5 within months.

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    It's good to have you here! Welcome!
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    H I am Christina, I sing pro in an acoustic band and starting a new rock band. I have been singing 7 years... I want to improve myself and be the best I can be. new student 52 years young
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    Welcome from USA, Jpittman.
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    Hi, I'm 66, joined the program a few weeks ago. My mother was a great singing even though she didn't know what a note was, I always loved to hear her sing. I took piano lessons and worked very hard at it reading music, I thought I had to read the music and didn't have a ear. I started taking voice lessons about two months ago, my instructor is a very good singer and I realize we where doing it all by ear. I fond out I have a good ear and getting better , my problem is relaxing which I know only I can fix. I am enjoying the program and hope one day to get the nerve to post one of my practice lessons to get feed back.
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