No Production Challenge + Made In America (Richie Sambora) cover

blondiewalesblondiewales Pro Posts: 483
Here's something I thought this might be a fun new way to get the community to participate.

I LOVE audio production, but I feel like sometimes it's good to know how you sound raw and unfiltered.

I'm going to record and release a few songs with just me and and a guitar, or singing along to a backing track.

I want to invite others to do the same.

To summarize, the challenge is to just show your singing into a laptop or phone mic. No fancy mics, amplification, preamps, converters, EQs, compressors, reverb, delay, chorus... Nothing.

Just you and an instrument/backing track.

The benefit is for others to see how singers sound on a simple recording, mistakes and all. I personally love seeing my favorite artists sing this way on YouTube, if it's available. It really shows their voice.

Here's a video recording I made specifically for this. No warm-up or scales or anything beforehand, so maybe this will give an idea how I sound "normal." It's Made In America by Richie Sambora. If the thread catches any traction, I'll make more.

I'd like to personally challenge @Diego @doc_ramadani and @coffeecrank to do the same. They're good singers and it seems like something they might do.


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