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Dimash lipsync

I am a very big fan of Dimash and his incredible vocal skills always amazes me and inspires me to sing. But one thing I noticed when looking at his live performances is that they sometimes sound the exact same for example 'ogni pietra' if you look at the arnau concert and then the latest one on his channel they sound the exact same to me. A lot of people say he doesn't lip sync and then others say he does. Is it possible for a singer to sound the same? it seems like writing an essay and then writing the exact same essay with the exact same handwriting.


  • DiegoDiego Posts: 1,049Moderator, 2.0 PRO
    edited November 2019
    It is not impossible to sound VERY similar, but a singer can not copy the exact same performance something HAS to be different. Dimash in fact HAS lip synced. And here is proof of that:

    This is rehearsal

    This is the live perfomance

    EXACTLY the same. It's impossible for Dimash to be able to replicate EVERY frequency.\
    That doesn't mean Dimash is bad, he still sang ALL of that haha.

    Hope that answered the question.
  • Reuben03Reuben03 Posts: 872.0 PRO
    Thanks Diego. Most singers lip sync, I might have to lip sync one day even though i hate it.
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