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Hello All!

Hello all, I am new to the forums and have been watching Ken's videos for years. I am a 29 year old Bass, and have been singing since I was 15. Just thought I would make a general thread about singing and what people's different influences, backgrounds, vocal ranges, and experience is like.

I began singing because I was a in a play called "Oliver!" when I was a freshman in HS. From there I moved on to choir, more musicals, and barbershop choirs/quartets. My influences are mostly tenors, as I enjoy their voices the most and always wanted to be one. I think it is sort of natural to covet what we don't have though. Over the years I have learned many different vocal techniques to extend my range and strengthen my voice, however, and I am pretty happy with how far I've come. When I first started out, my range was C2-D4 in chest, and I struggled with this for many years. As my voice aged my lowest chest note moved to C#2, and with the help of compression and proper diaphragmatic support I was able to extend my upper chest voice to F#4. Recently (within the last few years) I have begun practicing head voice, mixed voice, and as of last week Subharmonics for the low end.

So with all of that said, my current range is: F1(subharmonic)-C#2(lowest chest)-F#4(highest chest)-Bb4(mix)-G5(head voice)


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