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fcltzfcltz Posts: 7Member, 2.0 PRO
edited November 2019 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
Hi, I' Florent, I'm a singer, guitarist and composer from France. I've been practicing with KTVA for a few years and am grateful for the way it has allowed me to become a better singer. Looking forward to discuss singing with the people on here.
Here's a video of me singing, I' d love to get feedback and comments, be my guest, i'll post a few more on the relevant topics, cheers!


  • VocalityVocality Posts: 9682.0 PRO
    edited November 2019

    Welcome to the forum from Uk, your Youtube link not working if you've listed it as "private" you need to list as unlisted.

    Vocality :)
  • fcltzfcltz Posts: 7Member, 2.0 PRO
    edited November 2019
    It is listed as 'public' can you not see it?
    Edit: sorry I messed up the link, should be fine now, thanks!
  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Posts: 3,480Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management
    Bonjour Florent,

    ravi de vous rencontrer ici.

    I listened to your demo. Very, very cool demo. Man, you have good control over your voice. Very tasteful distortion. I am impressed. I can see good technique applied. Your neck , face, ... totally relaxed. Very good, mate. And very good work on the pronunciation. If I did not know you were French speaking, I would not have recognized it.


    PS.: It is fine to leave the video to "Unlisted" to post it here. You don't have to make it "Public" if you don't want to.
  • fcltzfcltz Posts: 7Member, 2.0 PRO
    Hi Doc, thank you for the nice feedback, much appreciated. Glad to be here, had the chance to live in London a while back so that helped a lot with the pronunciation. Depends whether I'm tired or not haha. Anyway cheers!
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