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Hey what should i practice now?

Okay i have used the course for some time now. I am now on volume 3 and i like it there. I am working on vibrato and i can feel some good improvement in my whole voice. My question is what should i practice becuase i use the main workout. Is there any quick warmup workout? Should i start doing the head voice workout and the mixed voice workout? I have also troubles singing high with my head voice. There is also a lot of air when i sing in head voice. And yes i know about glottal compression and correct support but there is still a lot of air. Anyway thanks

Other question do i have all material i have bougt?
I bougt the semi expensive pack with head and mixed voice.
Currently i have
Volume 1 part 1/2
Volume 2 part 1/2/3/4
Volume 3 part 1/2/3
Volume 4
Volume 5 part 1/2
And three pro packs.


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    Hi @Alstrup,

    As you have the course, you should send a copy of your KTVA receipt to ktvaforums@gmail.com and request a student upgrade to the forums. You can access the student areas then, which contain a lot of information.

    If you look at the PDF at the start of each volume, that lists all the folders and files that each volume should contain.

    Do the workouts as presented in the volumes. You can use the warm up portions of the workouts for a warm up if that is all you wish to do.

    Once you have access to the student areas, you can record yourself doing the LAH scale, once doing the chest stretch, and once bridging into head, and post there for feedback. Head voice is focused on in Volume 4, but as there is a lot of air in your head voice, you need to try to improve your cord closure. Again, reading around the student areas of the forums will give you a lot of advice and experience on how to do that, in addition to what Ken explains in Volume 1.
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    doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Hi @Alstrup,

    welcome mate, nice to have you here. I agree with @Siophia: in order to give you good advice it would be great to have some demos of the scales.

    I would recommend to you that you post a demo (video preferred) of the basic LAH triad scale of Volume 3 in 2 versions:

    - one bridging into head voice
    - one stretching chest voice

    A lot of things can be seen from these scales. We would like to help you. Personally I am on Volume 3, too, but haven't touched Volume 4 and 5, yet.

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