Feedback on my "Smile" version

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Long story short i promised to perform 2 songs in one the local nursing-home as part of other singers from different backgrounds. One of the tracks is a native Finnish one, i feel quite comfortable with. This second one is song Smile that was written by Charlie Chaplin and performed by many since then (I think it was recently in Joker movie too). I'm going to sing side by a professional piano player, so karaoke version didn't get me very far. I found some nice piano covers from youtube, downloaded one and transposed to a key i found most suitable for my voice. Now i've been practicing on top of that, and would like to hear your opinions. You can hear my funny accent, but i think it's been getting much honed since beginning KTVA in March. Still would be very interested to hear is any of the words/sentences sound strange in pronunciation or phrasing. Surely any feedback is welcome but i only have 1,5 weeks until the show 30.11

My goal is to get the elder people happy, and that's why i took this crazy challenge (never sang in front of crowd sober before). It's for a good cause

thanks in advance



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