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GoldtaffGoldtaff Pro Posts: 93
Hi guys,
Sorry I've not been in touch the last few weeks I've had a right nightmare recently with my wisdom tooth.
Anyways long story short 2 teeth out and infection which resulted in antibiotics etc.
I've gone back to day 1 again with my vocals it feels which is really disheartening as I've worked really hard the last 7 months.

Has anyone gone through this after having teeth out etc.

Many thanks.


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    VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,602

    Hi Gav

    Sorry you have got this setback, could you elaborate more on whats went wrong vocally e.g. issues with chord closure, loss of range etc. Will also tag @doc_ramadani would be very good input on these kind of issues and hopefully things will recover quickly for you.

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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    I haven't had anything so drastic happen to me but I have had a couple weeks off before and felt set back. What I found was that by starting over was a good chance to revisit and make sure I understood the earlier stuff. If you can still learn something you are still moving forward. It did take a couple weeks to get it back but I wouldn't worry too much, I think your muscle memory will kick back in and your voice will go "oh yeah, now I remember".
    Just ease your self back into consistent practice.🙂
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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,410
    hi Gav, sorry to hear. I agree with Wigs, you won't have lost it all. i had an infection back in the day when i got mine pulled out, it was very nasty. it was in my pre-singing days so i can't say for sure how it affects the voice. but in retrospect, i would say it would have built up lots of tension in the jaw with all the pain (i could hardly open my mouth for a while). maybe you can check if that applies to you, and work from there, massaging the jaw muscles etc. if you want, i can give you a link to a good jaw tension routine you could try

    from what you say, it does not seem like there was any nerve damage (which is a risk apparently with the op), so i'd say you will be back to your old self soon, given a bit of patience. good luck
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    GoldtaffGoldtaff Pro Posts: 93
    Thanks guys,
    Everytime I'm singing got sore throat and my husky tone doesn't seem right or my pitch and range. I've rested my voice this week but looking to start back tomorrow I'm hoping I'm going to be ok and it's just a case of resting up.
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    Chris82Chris82 2.0 PRO Posts: 594
    Your teeth do play a big part in the ultimate sound that ends up coming out of your mouth. If you loose a tooth (especially in the front) that will affect your timbre. It's not necessarily a bad change in timbre though. I work in the dental field and we replace peoples teeth with dental implants a lot so I've had the chance to speak with some singers dealing with tooth loss.

    The nice thing is you can always replace those teeth with a bridge or a dental implant which should fix the issue. I've seen someone who used to be a singer loose all their teeth and be unable to sing well at all and then they come in and get a full mouth of dental implants and they are able to sing again. It does take some adjustments tho as that hard plastic on the roof of the mouth will affect your timbre too but it's possible to keep singing even if you have sever dental issues.
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