TNGatorTNGator 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 4
Hey guys. My name is Xave and Ive just joined. Im currently downloading all the modules as we speak so I havent actually started the course yet. I was thinking about this for ages before taking the plunge. As y'all know as writers and artists, we get bombarded constantly by emails about course books etc from better songwriting to better home recording. Its all money money money. Buy my book, join our club, sign up for our course. So yeah I didn't jump right in to be honest. Im a writer, musician and my game plan is to pitch songs to publishers in the hope of getting a cut. The ultimate goal of course is to get my own record deal. My guitar and musician skills are fine and my recordings skills are not fantastic but doing ok. Im hoping a killer vocal on the demos can be the icing on the cake. Although Id like to improve my vocals in a general sense, if there's one area Id really like to improve its range. Now if Kens course can help me get those high notes that would be awesome. I dont know if its possible to teach someone to hit higher notes when they cant do it naturally but Im here now so I'll get stuck in and see what happens. Hope to see y'all on campus.


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