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My baseline before starting.

I initially posted this below in my "Hi I am new post", but then saw this corner of the forums, where it is more likely to be spotted.

About me, i did sing a lot for fun before, as in at home, while commuting in the car, on smule, and 9 months in Tokyo (Karaoke! :) ) and at some karaoke nights, but that doesnt necessarily mean i did it right.

The week before buying this KTVA course, i had bought a sound receiver for my PC, and i fiddled around with it. I recorded different layers with my ukelele and baritone (btw: also just a few months experience on that by the way so bare with me!) on a song that i had not sang much before. I layered it altogether so you hear me in two octaves, and obviously i am struggling with the lower and higher ends. Ill sing on the same backing in a few months, for fun and hopefully better :)



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