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Practcing for Maximum Growth

Ken Tamplin says that we should warm up consistently not only in the days but also in time (like 7pm every night for 4 to 6 nights a week). Is there a way in which after we warmup, we can still grow our voice while singing all day? Because I'd like to be able to randomly sing, using the bright tone of course, while at the same time, growing the voice properly.


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    Hi @TARO!

    Ken does say that our voices like to be warmed up at the same time every day. But after we warm up, we can sing the whole day. If there is a long break during that time, and your voice doesn't feel ready anymore, then do another warm up and continue. You can get your voice used to a different "time zone" by warming up at that new time for a few days. So if you want to get maximum use out of your days, warm up once you begin your day, and then sing when you want to, doing extra warm ups if required.

    It is beneficial to take a regular day off. It lets your body rest and recover, and helps with learning.
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