Hey there from Indiana, USA

Hi, I was told to head on over here to ask questions, so here I am.

I'm sixteen and generally considered an alto. F3 to D5 is my general range, sometimes it fluctuates. Actually I have this weird phenomenon where very occasionally my range just expands insanely for no reason.

A couple days ago, I reached a C6 with no strain, there was some effort but it didn't hurt at all, just didn't sound very good lol. No explanation. Now, any notes above an F5 usually aren't very singable but, they're there. Which is amazing. Also it will go in the other direction. I've held as low as a C3 before. But I have no control over when this happens and I'd like to train and use these notes 'cause it's awesome lol.

I love singing, never had any training or anything like that. I just do it. I've had generally good feedback from audiences, so I suppose that's a plus lol. Personally I don't like the way I sound though.

I signed up for Ken's free lessons a while ago, and I'm wondering, where on earth do I start? I kind of need a step by step, do this, then that type of thing.

Before you tell me to buy the course, I can't. I promise. I know it's an amazing deal and all, but that doesn't change the fact that I make no money and don't have a few hundred dollars lying around. Otherwise believe me, I would.

So, I guess that's that. Thanks :)


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