I live in Belgium, and I have always loved arts.
My artistic background is in theatre, where I have garnered
close to 20 years of experience.

I'm 36 now, and so far, arts have only been a hobby.
But, for the past five years, I've been seriously practicing my singing.

I can now say with certainty that I've decided to become a professional singer.

I'm working part-time in the logistics sector, as a food delivery man, which frees up a lot of time for me to do other things (including training my voice). One of the things missing though, is the right equipment (i.e. a professional studio and a MAC), and some quality guidance.

I intend on sending you a vocal demo of mine for evaluation, as this would help me tremendously in my bid to get a loan for my private and professional purposes (including my singing project) from a social credit organization here in Belgium, that helps individuals who don't have access to regular loans (in my case, I've resumed work a few months ago after a long interruption, that's one of the reasons why I have to turn to this particular organization).

One more thing, with some of the loaned money, I intend on purchasing your Gold Bundle (or first The Course + Pro Packs, and later on the Gold Bundle), just so you know.
But before I can do that, I'll have to convince a jury, made of social workers and people from the banking sector (with a certain social affinity, I kid you not, apparently, that exists!), that my private and professional goals are worthy of the money I’m asking for, which is around 5000 US dollars.

While waiting for your answer, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for providing others with such an awesome service, as well as being so good at what you do, and thanks for being a difference in the world in your own way.

Oh, and best wishes for 2020 and beyond..


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    MerQyouRealMerQyouReal Member Posts: 3
    I forgot to mention, I'd like to upload for reviewing, soome unusual audio recordings, where I'm singing using my smartphone to record myself, and the smartphone is "supported" by a mic stand and a pop filter (yes, I got imaginative on this one), while a laptop nearby is playing a karaoke version of a song.

    Is Ken himself evaluating that, or are do all uploads get evaluated by forum members ?

    I thank you all in advance !
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    The demos are reviewed by students and moderators. Ken is slammed by a solid schedule of work that demands his time around the clock, day in and day out. You will get honest feedback here. However there are limited resources here, so with over 17,000 members, no one individual can take up too much of the bandwidth of time and energy regarding listening and evaluating. :)
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    MerQyouRealMerQyouReal Member Posts: 3
    Ok thanks a lot for the quick answer high mountain.
    By the way, if and when you have a moment, may I send you one of those "precious" ?
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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    If you have a look under newbies demo area you will find some students that have uploaded some examples of their singing.

    And if you want you can post your examples under the same category 👍🏼
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    doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    And to add:

    There are many ways to post a demo here in the Forums (DropBox, Google Drive, Audiomack, …). Two Services are very convenient: Soundclcloud.com (Audio only) and Youtube.com (Video):

    1. Soundcloud.com:

    You need to register to Soundcloud. Afterwards upload your audio to Soundcloud. Set the track to "Private". Go to "Your Tracks" and click on the track you want to post in the Forums. Now copy the link to the file (http://www.soundcloud.com/..) to your clipboard. Go to the Forums and open up a new discussion in the appropriate category. Type in your message and paste the link with the small chain symbol (right above the text box).

    2. Youtube.com:

    Setup a Youtube-Account and upload your video. After Youtube processed your video click on the video to show it in your browser. Now copy the link to the video (http://www.youtube.com/..) to your clipboard. Paste the link directly to the text box. The system software will translate the link to an embedded video player. If you want to upload audio via Youtube you can use tunestotube.com. The service will convert your MP3 file to a youtube video.

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    Hi everybody!

    I´m a rock, southern rock, metal, and grunge metal singer/song writer, as of now starting to record some of the songs of my band.

    However, I still feel that due to spending too much time singing without proper technique, I ended up acquiring some bad habits that are, now that I´m 30, starting to hurt my performance.

    Here are four links of the 4 songs we´ve recorded (home studio and not mastered) so students and fellow forum members could listen to my singing and give me some directions into what am I doing wrong, neglecting, what can I improve and how. Thank you all very much, in advance.

    The Aftermath (the closest I can label the style of the band is a Grunge Metal)

    1- Dine in Hell


    2- Simple Reason


    3- My Own


    4- Sunny Day


    All the best to you all!!!!
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    DonniDeVilleDonniDeVille 2.0 PRO Posts: 25
    Hello Everyone!

    I've only had my course one day, so not started on it as yet! Really looking forward to sounding a quarter as good as Ken's Diva's! I'd be happy enough with that as they are all amazing! It's due to them that I wanted to see what improvements I could gain...

    I write songs too, had some success in the UK. Been out with bands and a duo. I sing okay, but can't wait to see what Ken can do with me, lol!

    I've been singing off and on for many years back in the UK (I live in America now) I have been trying to find other Brits, so we could do a rockabilly British Invasion, lol! No luck there at all! I've not even met another Brit since living here for almost 16 years!

    Anyway, this recording is a rehearsal in my basement, with my husband on drums... I play guitar and sing, but we have another lead guitarist on here for this song. I had intended doing a proper recording, but things went wrong and we never got around to that...I like sax and piano on most songs, so will be getting more songs finished soon. I try to keep close to the original with this version.

    White Rabbit (A sort of Jefferson Airplane version)

    Sorry about the pics of me, I shall be removing them as soon as I re-do this song... They look silly on there, but don't know how to remove them as yet...


    (Be kind, I've never had any lessons!)
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    KenfromCZKenfromCZ Member Posts: 43
    @DonniDeVille ....The pictures are pretty good. But with sing is it worse in your case. (Same as in my case.) Good intonation require usually a few years practice. And basic the sing 1 year of exercise daily . (General truth from Ken Tamplin.) We hope, that in next January will your voice better.
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    DonniDeVilleDonniDeVille 2.0 PRO Posts: 25
    I was lucky then to have been signed with United Artists in London, UK a few years ago! I've been singing off and on earning a living from it for around 30 years, But, we can all improve and Ken is the one to help there for sure!
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    DonniDeVilleDonniDeVille 2.0 PRO Posts: 25
    @KenfromCZ to learn what you meant by intonation, could you upload a video or link so I can get a better idea? Very interested to learn more about this....

    I suppose I could find one of my original song videos more updated, and post those, but they are not for review really, and copyrighting has to be done. Over the last years practise has made it all smoother for sure, and my tone is deeper with the continued maturing of age. Which I like.

    I am happy with my recent changes and about to embark on an offered deal, that's why I want to do my best using Ken's course...I can improve, even while accepting work now. working on my breathing. I need specific areas.....

    Thanks for responding!
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    KenfromCZKenfromCZ Member Posts: 43
    If you living from sing of 30 years, you can forget on my opinion. Perhaps someone more experienced will comment.
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