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I have recorded the first part of "Whole Lotta Love". Sorry for the strange sound in the recording. I couldn't figure out how to do it better. I would like to get some feedback. In particular, I wonder about this:

1. The tone. Am I doing it right, or do I need to change something? I always wonder if I have found right tone, or if I am on the wrong track. I would be happy to get comments and advice on this- is the throat open, the larynx and all that other stuff in there in the right positions?

2. Am I going into headvoice on the highest notes, in particular on the long "screaming" note right before "wanna whole lotta love...", or do I manage to stay in the "hey you"-mode? For those of you who have heard me singing "Weak", I have worked with support and avoiding going into head voice. I still have a way to go, but am I going in the right direction. Is there some progress or not? 


Hope the link works, if not, please let me know, and thank you for listening.



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    Can't comment on technique as I don't have the experience, but it sounded great to me. And the link is:

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    Thank you for helping me with the link Sly:-)
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    On the mark Trine! Great work. Nice full voice all the way through. You are definitely staying in your call voice which is necessary for this style. It's great to see so much improvement, I'm truly happy for you.
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    Thank you @Scott!! I could hardly sleep after I read your comment! I was so happy to know that I did it right, that I have done progress. It means a lot to me to get your (and other's) feedback, wether it is "positive" or "negative" (you can't really call it any of those. Feedback is feedback). I am starting to understand many things now.

    I started to play with a band on Wednesday, and that was kind of a "revelation". I couldn't hear myself the same way as when I sing alone at home, there were drums and noise and energy. I think I have been too critical, standing there listening to all my flaws, feeling that I wasn't good enough to perform with others. When I had the base and guitar, and my boyfriend at the drums in front of me, encouraging me (I was shy, had never done anything like that before), I just took out the energy and my voice in a different way, without caring so much about small details. I sang "Weak", and at the last high "calling" parts, I just collected all power in my abdomen and thought: "I will show them"! They were so surprised (me too). They had other vocalists before, and used to skip that last part, because nobody could sing it. So now we are a band, and we will rehearse regularly. I LOVE IT!!! 

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    Congratulations on making it to this AHA moment.  You have worked hard for it and you deserve a nice high feeling of accomplishment after fighting so hard to get to this next level!

    This is why we work so hard at the exercises and keep working against the seemingly insurmountable limitations of our voices.  Because the hard work pays off in direct proportion to the time, effort, and focus we put into implementing Ken's methods.

    When we train ourselves properly, using the proper methods, our training kicks in when we need it.  When we practice until our muscle memory just automatically takes over, then we can let go and ride the energy of the moment, and become the song!  This is where diligence in practice pays off, and the more diligently and properly we have practiced, the bigger the payoff and the more spectacular the ride!

    You are really belting that song out.  I think Robert Plant does it more in a mix of head and chest with a lot of mask.  You are doing it in chest and call and it sounds good. I've listened to it several times and I like it more each time I listen to it! 

    I'll bet the band is really excited!  The audience it going to love it! 

    You have learned to push yourself to the limits of your capabilities and to not give up when you run aground.  That is a very important trait that will serve you well, again and again!

    You were worried before about how people might look at you and say "What right does she have to get up there and try to sing?"  You have EVERY RIGHT to get up there and let them have it!  You are going to surprise them all and yourself, too! 

    Keep going until you find the next obstacle in your path so you can overcome that one and the next, and the next...

    You're on a good track.


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    :-) :-) :-) Thank you Bob!

    Obstacles, come to me,- I'm ready!!

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    Same as before: singing "Weak" in call register and making you all think: "we love you Trine" when you hear it;-).
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    Way to go! Sounds great and congrats on the band accomplishment as well. -kenbo
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    Hi Trine,

      I just want to say it's such a enjoyment for me to listen to your singing.  the tone is clear and bright.  most importantly, it feels effortless.  Perhaps adding a bit variation to the intensity (a bit playful or naughtiness) would be fun?  please consider it as a humble request from a fan :D  thanks for sharing a wonderful performance!

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    Thank you very much Mark!! I really appreciate your comment. Yes, I will add more playfulness and naugtiness. That is the next step. Actually, before I started at KTVA I sang with more passion and intensity. After I started learning technique from Ken, I haven't had "space" for doing that, because all the energy goes to focusing on open throat, support, consonants, vowel modifications and you know....  But now I feel that I slowly am doing more and more of these things automatically, and the passion is starting to surface again. It will be great when I can do both technique and passion at the same time.  Anybody else who feels the same?

    If you see my Soundcloud, the first tracks Alone, Piece of My Heart and Rolling In The Deep are when I had more intensity and passion in the singing :-).


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    If you start being naughty, we will have to put you in the corner.

    Behave yourself.


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