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Persistent throat ache. Help!

Hi everyone,

I´ve been having a persistent ache on the right side of my larynx for a while. It stops me from going into my upper head voice register (clue to certain muscles?) and I feel it when i swallow.
I´ve been resting for 3-4 weeks with no improvement and anti inflammatory medicines make no difference whatsoever.
Feels like injuries tend to feel in other places of the body after they´ve healed and inflammation has gone down.

Does anyone recognize the symptoms and have any clue what a good approach would be to work on this?

I presume that I´ve caused it myself by oversinging as I often want to practice songs that I´m not really ready for...

I try to post a Lah-scale so that someone with an experienced ear might hear my beginners mistakes.

Big thanks in advance, I´d be truly grateful if anyone could give me some good advice, it´s very frustrating.



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    HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    Sounds like you may have some tonsil stones. They can be a pain to get out but they will come out with enough coxing. If you do have stones then they will come back unless you figure out what is causing them to form in the first place.
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    LinusLinus 2.0 PRO Posts: 8
    Alright, thanks, that´s something that I didn´t even knew I should consider!
    I will take your word and look into that possibility.
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    Chris82Chris82 2.0 PRO Posts: 594
    The pain could be caused by a lot of different things. Normally I would advise people to rest their voice for a bit until the pain goes away and if the pain doesn’t go away then it might be a good time for a visit to an ENT doctor who can properly diagnose and treat you. In your case it’s already been a few weeks with no improvements. Personally I would be seeking out an ENT doc now if I were in your shoes.
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    doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Good morning, Linus, @Linus

    thanks for your PM. First, nice bridging exercise. Sounds good but you should try to brighten up the sound a little bit more. Take a mirror and check that you are showing your upper teeth. Smile into the sound.

    Chris ( @Chris82 ) is right. You should consult an ENT colleague to check it. Constant ache even when you rest might have many reasons. I think it would be helpful to do a check.

    All the best,
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    LinusLinus 2.0 PRO Posts: 8
    Hi and thanks for your responses!

    I´ll take them into consideration and see how this develops.
    Advice on sound is definitely appreciated as well, we all want to sound our best!

    I can report that since this has started to feel like other healed muscular injuries I set out on a disciplined attempt at doing daily rehabilitation exercises for the voice, basically just very controlled volume 2 warm-up exercises up until the point where I start to nudge the hurting area and then back down again, principally something similar to what I might do to other parts of the body.
    Results have been very promising so far, I´ve never had this much improvement in other, larger, muscles and tendons in such a short time before so I feel that hope is back!

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